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TotalPave Talk #3 – In-House Data Collection

Today we discuss how TotalPave can empower you to collect your own road condition data

Are you looking to collect road condition data in-house? In today’s TotalPave Talk, we discuss how TotalPave can make that jump a little easier for…

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Laser Profiler vs Smartphone – Precise vs Accurate IRI Data

The case for why collecting IRI with your smartphone might actually be more accurate than a traditional laser profiler

What a single IRI run tells you about a road surface is one of the most common misconceptions we encounter. Regardless of whether people are…

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TotalPave Talk #2: Offline Data Collection

TotalPave's offline data collection allows you to collect data in even the most rural areas, take a tour of the feature in today's TotalPave Talk.

In today’s talk we show you how data is collected offline using TotalPave’s PCI and IRI applications. Ensuring that your data collection is completed even…

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TotalPave Talk #1: Line Segments

The way TotalPave maps IRI and PCI data to line segments is a simple feature that allows you to easily track how the conditions of your assets are changing through time

In today’s talk we show you how data is mapped to line segments in your TotalPave account and how that allows you to easily track…

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Methodology Shootout: Standards vs. Custom Road Performance Measures

An argument for not reinventing the wheel when it comes to developing your road condition assessment framework.

PCI, IRI, PSI, PASER… if you’re new to pavement evaluation and pavement management you should know we love acronyms, there are a ton of them…

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Is your organization ready for road condition data?

Avoid this simple (but common) mistake to ensure you get your road asset management planning started on a solid foundation

There are steps to an effective road asset management strategy; a logical progression of stages you go through (and learn from) in order to be…

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